In times of growing competition, an adequately prepared strategies for various projects, based on professional analysis of the target areas, are the key to success. Thanks to the geomarketing, which uses the GIS software, the cost of planned solutions may be optimized. This is not the only benefit of spatial analysis. The knowledge of the market potential and company’s regional structures is valuable for the expansion of an enterprise. Visualization of the collected data on maps facilitates makes it easier to identify the needs in the region.

We offer:

Market potential analisys

To succeed in a given area, market analysis is required. We will give you answers to questions about potential consumers, their location and distribution, as well as sites where the expansion would be profitable. The use of such reports will allow to achieve considerable success.

Analysis of the target group

Market segmentation and analysis of the target group support the spatial location of potential customers – with the analysis we obtain information on possible areas of development. This will allow your company to implement proper marketing within analyzed area, tailored to the needs and expectations of potential consumers of products and services.

Analysis of the spatial location of customers

Geomarketing, which uses the GIS software to analyze the data on the local market, provides companies with information helpful to build effective sales strategy.

Analysis of the distribution network

Analysis of the distribution network is useful for both companies planning to expand into local markets and the companies already having subsidiaries in different areas – it allows you to plan and improve the expansion or move ahead of competitors.

Competition analysis

For efficient operation of your company, it is necessary to know your competition. Competitor analysis as a part of geomarketing uses data related to the geographical location and density which are processed in order to simulate an accurate picture of markets.