Spatial planning

Spatial planning is the domain of Budplan. Our work is based primarily on making creating local spatial development plans and studies of conditions and directions of spatial development and land use. We begin with a thorough analysis of customer needs and expectations, prepare a draft project which is adjusted as a result of consulting numerous actors, finally we execute its adoption providing the possibility of implementation in life. We provide all additional analyzes needed, such as the analysis of validity, financial forecast, SEA, EIA, and ensure the successful conduct of the whole procedure. The scope of our services also includes programs for urban regeneration of industrial, military or other areas as well as programs regarding the historical buildings and areas preservation..

Good spatial planning ensures rational use of land and natural resources, sustainable development, helps to improve the quality of life and increases of property values.

We offer:

  • creating local spatial development plans;
  • studies of conditions and directions of spatial development and land;
  • functional areas development plans ;
  • municipality development strategies ;
  • local urban and rural regeneration plans;
  • expertise in local planning legal regulations;
  • professional urban evaluations and expertises;
  • planning decisions, including public investment location ;
  • landscape analysis, including local windmills powerplants situation;
  • analysis of investment opportunities including risk assessment;
  • feasibility studies;
  • land use project;
  • assistance in obtaining permissions to change the land use of agricultural and forestry grounds for non-agricultural and non-forest purposes;
  • broadly defined consulting;

In terms of protection of monuments we offer preparation of:

  • municipal register of monuments;
  • communal care programs for monuments;
  • plans for protection for cultural park;
  • studies of cultural heritage protection;
  • projects for the conservation of historic buildings.

To plan was successful, yet was functional for a long time, take advantage of strategic planning. We will support your activities from concept to completion.

We offer preparation:

  • development strategy for cities, municipalities;
  • local revitalization programs;
  • local development plans;
  • programs for urban, industrial, military areas and voids regeneration..