We organize workshops and trainings on various spatial development issues, addressed to the local government staff, individual clients and students. We are flexible in both subject and form, from presentations through workshops to urban games.

Example topics:

  • “Spatial planning as municipality’s promotion” ;
  • “Spatial planning”;
  • “Urban design in local identity”;
  • “Renewable energy facilities in the local planning documents”;
  • “Public inquiry and participation in spatial planning”
  • “What, where and how? Large investments for beginners”;
  • “Creating human friendly public spaces”;
  • “Spatial planning and sustainable development”;
  • “Before the conflict breaks – the basics of public participation”;
  • “Your voice matters – when you can change the space”;
  • “Get involved in your neighborhood planning”;
  • “Landscape – a window view”;
  • “Your place, your case business”.

Forms of workshops:

  • presentations, lectures or readings;
  • workshops;
  • urban games.